‘The Ancient Way of Beauty’

Kobido is the oldest and most technical form of facial available in Japan, and the most ancestral secret of Japanese youth. It is built upon 48 Ancient Signature Techniques which aim to rejuvenate your face by putting elasticity back into your skin. Kobido kicks off with an energizing phase, stimulating the energetic points of your face, and it finishes off with lymphatic draining (sliding movements) to get rid of toxins.

Rejuvenation effect

Kobido stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, and consequently improves the quality of your skin. It liberates your face of muscular tension that’s responsible for the formation of wrinkles. In addition, your skin’s purified and moisturized. After the first session, you already can see some results which increase in the medium and long-term. It is the most efficient natural anti aging technique.

Other therapeutic benefits

Fights stress, provides a complete relaxation and wellness, reduces bruxism effects, relieves headaches, avoids facial rigidity, decreases some digestive system problems, improves the eyesight


The Melrose Signature facial combines both actions and benefits of KOBIDO®, and CODAGE treatment.

Pending the season and one’s skin, CODAGE offers the possibility to combine all serums to target the specific needs of the skin.

(anti-aging, eye contour, glow, intense hydration, repair, anti-spot, purifying, clarifying, calming…)

60mn : 160.-

Pack of 5 sessions : 750.- instead of 800.-

Pack of 10 sessions : 1500.- instead of 1600.-

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