After many years dancing, Cécile started practicing yoga in 2000 with soft Hatha yoga, before she started dedicating herself to Ashtanga yoga (3rd serie). Cécile is certified 500H-RYT Ashtanga yoga, Prana Flow (Vinyasa yoga), and Yin Yoga since 2009 (200H-RYT). She has been training instructors since 2013 in Yin Yoga. Her flow offers the fire of Ashtanga yoga combined with the breathing fluidity.


“Before yoga there was dance”. Giuseppe’s initial training was at Teatro alla Scala school in Milan where he completed the school’s classical dance curriculum. His passion for dance took him shortly after to perform for 16 years as a strong professional artist engaged by the Béjart Ballet Company, Aalto Ballet Theater, Ballet du Grand Theatre de Genève to name few.

In addition to his dancing he’s a freelance choreographer for his own multidisciplinary projects, movie director and writer. Parallel to his creativity he’s been gratefully sharing his knowledge as a ballet teacher for international ballet companies and schools for over ten years.

Yoga first arrived at him in a therapeutical and body-recovery way. Perception changed soon, intention briefly became a statement into his life. He trained in Bali, New York and Barcelona practicing and teaching Deep-Stretching, Ashtanga yoga, Flow Vinyasa yoga and Jivamukti yoga. Dance and yoga in a wonderful completion. The divine breath of yoga enlightens the dancing-body towards the ultimate sacred posture, the asana.


« ….unconventional as well as packed with wild travel. Usually perched in a tree, whipping up stuff in a kitchen, toasting records or hitting a yoga mat in a studio but rather, by a river.

From Turkey to India, via Thailand. Through Africa and the Caribbean, Hawaii, North and central America to name a few places in which pieces of my heart were left. Lands that were roamed at my paste, which is slow.

India stole my heart, but gave me in return something grand after my first few initial visits. YOGA.

And India will never be done with for me!  Back and back and back…. a deep belief is strongly instilled in me, never over with. For sure there is a karmic relationship between the land and me.

A feeling of being blessed, or maybe dedicated enough to have studied with some very grand as well as inspiring teachers. The Iyengar practice kept me out of real trouble during my twenties and when extreme wildities were ready to be given up, Ashtanga & Jivamukti yoga set the tone of my thirties.

Many ask me, yet no, never been a ballerina, nor a dancer. My toes were out of reach when first started to practice. Though my hips were insanely open, my hamstring felt as hard as bamboo wood.

Dedication and perseverance is the key to understanding the body. You can teach with the mind…my classes are taught with what is felt by the heart and has been experienced by the body.

Freedom is achieved through discipline. Work hard, play hard, but give up what you believe makes you happy. It lies in energy, connections and it cannot be grasped by hands….

Nothing else than the quest for happiness and freedom is what guides me through the multiple layers of this ancient wisdom, life, by tapping into intuition with the best of my abilities and let go to be.”


“I started studying the body very young, mainly through classical and contemporary dance. I discovered Yoga at the age of 23: a very powerful, holistic technique, which helped me find peace in the body and the mind. My journey as a yoga teacher has led me to travel around the world – in particular France, Mexico, United States, Canada, India and Indonesia – to study with renowned yoga masters including Shiva Rea, Simon Park (Prana Flow), Dharma Mittra and Sri Andrei Ram. I am certified in Ashtanga yoga, Prana Vinyasa Flow (Yoga Alliance, RYS) and Acro Yoga.

My classes are dynamic, playful, fluid, creative and intuitive, both sweet and powerful. Through my teachings, I pass on my love for yoga: a game between power and flexibility, which helps us exploring our limits, resistances, balance and sense of humor. Postures are linked together in a dynamic and fluid flow, sometimes with music; emphasis is given to union between breath and movement and to the pleasure of sensations. I share with my students everything I receive through the practice. I help them become the best version of themselves!”


Natalia Reynolds is a dedicated and highly experienced student and teacher of yoga, following 15 years of regular aștānga vinyãsa yoga and 12 years of continued pranayama practice in the Swami Kuvalyananda lineage, after numerous visits to Asia for practice. She is certified by both Yoga Alliance and Swiss Yoga Federation. Natalia has spent many retreats and hours of practice being guided in meditative awareness practices from the Shivaism tradition with Anoula Sifonios, learning the subtle aspects of the play between the mind, consciousness and awareness.

Natalia is one of the few dedicated students to practice all aspects of the kriyãs and prāņāyāma practice, placing her uniquely to teach this art, along with ãsana and meditation techniques, all deeply understood and integrated into her own inner growth. From this place Natalia invites practitioners to look within, at processes that happen within the body, and the mind, to uncover the place of awareness itself. She offers such experience with insightful guidance so you may take further steps forward towards internal freedom, free from inner conflicts that asana practice alone cannot merely reveal. Natalia manages a life of dedicated practice and teaching while raising her two sweet daughters at home in Switzerland. She hopes to share teaching from both the inner intimate aspect as well as from the practical day-to-day stressors of life, and share it all with a smile.


She was 7 years old when she discovered Ballet in Angola. It become immediately her greatest passion and vocation for 20 years.

As a professional dancer, she learnt the kinesiology and anatomy. It helped her understand the body and its mechanic. She has dedicated 20 years of her life to practice yoga and to learn its benefits to heal while she had to train for Ballet and contemporary dance. It has become her own way of life.

She has graduated as a yoga teacher at the Centered Yoga Institute in Thaïland (Paul Dallaghan), in 2008. She has been teaching Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga since then in Geneva.

For her, yoga is the science of Health. And she is proud of teaching the heritage she has received from the Masters and honorable yogi she has learnt from.



Coach for more than 10 years, Lou has been inspiring an entire generation with her blog @toutesdeschampionnes. She leads her own yoga & surf retreats, and launches her PYROFLOW at Le Melrose. Passionate and creative, she has conceived this unique and integral program that combines in 1h or 1h30 yoga (Sun salutations A & B), HIIT (fat burning), Pilates, and deep stretching.

Promising !

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