Located in the centre of the Eaux Vives district, our unique establishment is the sky parlour of an architect’s building.

Access by a private elevator (240m2)

A foyer with a dedicated elegant reception, an in-house shop, a luminous yoga room and a snug salon for meditation and relaxation

An upper floor reserved for an array of beauty treatments

A lower floor comprising of 2 separate men’s and women’s changing rooms, beauty accessories, showers and WC

A rooftop



Le Melrose

An Escape

A Step sideways

A unique Perspective

An Art of living

And of Well-being

Located in the heart of Geneva, this holistic centre of life combines the art of yoga, personalized health-beauty coaching to rediscover the purpose of wellness. While immersing in the scenery on our VIP terrace, you can relish in our amenities ranging from tailored body and face therapies, exclusive yoga sessions (with maximum 10 people per workshop), surprise getaways and finally, our private concierge service to enrich your everyday life.


Fondatrice du Melrose : Yoga, bien-être, coaching santé-nutrition-beauté


« Le Melrose is a Step sideways.

A written dream.

Aspects of life, a travel diary, and a mirror of passionate encounters.

Another way to deepen the richness of yoga and to define a new way of life.


A discrete loft

Le Melrose does not seek to be seen

Hidden in the heart of Les Eaux Vives in an architect’s loft, we found the seamless location to enhance your experiences. Unexpected, composed, intimate and charming, this place is alluring. Each component strikes passion and inspiration for our clients.


The art of “living better” and being ourselves.

We need strength and balance to feel good and comfortable in our own skin.

Le Melrose is a small house filled with many special touches offering you the time for yourself and opportunity to open to others.


A private concierge.

The mission of Le Melrose is to welcome you with generosity, comfort and to offer you precious time for yourself. Time is the rarest and most difficult to master. Finding your balance is about giving yourself time.


An ambition – to be generous.

Le Melrose is founded from the desire and belief that each person receives the same attention and care during each visit, augmenting the emotional experience for our clients.


A project from the heart  

Le Melrose is a product of a dream. Brought into this world with passion, dedication and adept know-how. It is a small business and art where everyday everyone gives and takes equally. »

Mélissa Schlemmer

Ruelle du couchant 11, 1207 Genève 022 342 42 50, Condition Générales d’utilisation