22 Juil.

Megaformer Lagree Fitness



Only at Le Melrose, Lagree Fitness TM is a high intensity but low impact Muscular Endurance workout that has been specifically designed to EFFECTIVELY combine Strength, Endurance, Cardio, Balance, Core, Flexibility training; not only in one session, but in each and every move. It’s a unique full body conditioning that integrates the key elements of resistance and counter-resistance encouraging the maximum exertion, while allowing for a low risk of injury.

It will increase your muscular strength, cardiovascular efficiency and endurance, bone mineral density, metabolic rate, body composition, postural alignment and balance, balance extrinsic and intrinsic strength, increase coordination, prevent from muscle loss due to aging, discriminate weight loss, improve muscle tone and definition, enhance flexibility, contribute to body leanness , reduce stress, improve self image, self esteem and self confidence.

It’s not pilates. It’s a complete evolution, a body & mind transformation !

Enjoy your tailor made intensive program. Appointments on demand : 022 342 42 50 – info@le-melrose.ch


Ruelle du Couchant 11

1207 Genève

T. 0762257092



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