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One of a kind teacher

Midya leads the 200h Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher training at Le Melrose 

Her yoga journey…  



After 18 years of judo, Midya began her long journey to yoga by discovering her passion for Ashtanga and the movement. She has developed a unique method of teaching, away from the traditional Vinyasa, by adapting her own practice. Judo has influenced her teaching by making it very precise and ultra dynamic.

Her passion for the body system led her teaching anatomy to the 200RYT students in Sampoorna Yoga School, in South India.

« I want to share what I love and split this energy, to help impact lives as much as I can. Yoga has given me peace and inner strength. I want to show people that I believe in their physical capacities and mental strength, even if they don’t yet know how strong they are. I want to boost their confidence just as yoga did it for me. »

Her healing story


 » When I was 13, the doctors diagnosed me with scoliosis, a medical condition stating a curved spine. I was told to quit all sports, but judo at the time was my entire life, so I continued.

10 years later, I wasn’t able to live a normal life. My father had to massage me after every training for an hour until I was able to stand properly and open my chest. I was waking up every morning with so much pain in my lower back that a simple walk became a challenge. The doctors advised me with a sugery but I decided that it was not an option, and I started fighting the disease to heal in respect with my body.

This is how I came to yoga. At that time, I had no idea how much yoga would impact my entire life. I started yoga for the physical aspect but once I was immersed in the practise, I discovered its spiritual depth, and the true balance, happiness and stillness it can bring into a daily life. My home is where my mat is, and it has physically transformed me because I no longer feel any pain, and forget the scoliosis. When I realized the power my mind could have on my body, I developed my spiritual practice. And then, the Yin yoga was the perfect door to a new perspective of yoga for me. No I feel completed. »



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